by Daniella Gouveia // May 2018

We are always busy in Essex, running 18 classes a week for over one hundred dogs means that the chairs in our office are often just decorative features. The month of May is especially eventful for us this year, our wall calendar littered with colourful notes in the varied styles of our team members.

Of course, if you’ve ever met any of us you will know that we LOVE the madness. And May certainly brings that!

The glorious sunshine recently saw us through a lovely two days at All About Dogs Brentwood. Our lot was very near the stage where live music played through most of the day and we found ourselves leading show goers and their pups through our groundwork/doggy obstacle course while bopping.

One of the best parts about these events is seeing graduate faces popping in to say hi and update us on life after Dog School. The fluff covered puppies we once knew now full coated and dashing! And incredibly confident if I do say so myself.

These are the moments when we get to see the incredible and lifelong impact we have been able to have in the lives of our Dog School family members.

We also had the pleasure of being taken over by a herd, yes, a herd, of St. Bernards who took to our way-too-small paddle pool to cool down.

This Sunday we will be out smothered in sunblock and surrounded by our incredible Dogs Trust family from the Basildon Rehoming Centre at their Fun Day at Barleylands. We get to take on the heavy burden of judging in the two show rings throughout the day. Being a dog lover surrounded by hopeful furry faces wishing for a rosette to pin to their trophy wall at home is no small feat I can assure you. The up side is that we get to go around and meet every, single one of the pups during the judging process. We also usually get fantastic dog stories from their humans along the way.

Later in the month, we will be at All About Dogs at Hylands in Chelmsford which is an absolutely gorgeous site!

If you find yourself at any of these events this month, please do come by and say hi. We will happily offer you and your dog our paddle pool and a bit of shade. Sure, you may not both fit in the paddling pool at once but, now that I’ve seen a St. Bernard do it, who am I to say you shouldn’t at least give it a try.

If you’d like any more information about our classes, seminars and where we will be next please get in contact with us!

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