Doggy Days Out

by Hannah Wilkinson // September 2017

Doggy Days Out

During the spring, summer and autumn months the Dog School team are invited to go to lots of outdoor “doggy” events. We see the majority of people and their dogs loving their day out but we do see some dogs who are a little worried by the amount of people around, concerned by all the other dogs in close proximity or even just finding it difficult to adjust to the rise in temperature when the sun finally comes out!

Here are our Dog School tips on how to have a great day out with your dog.

  • Space is great! Make sure that your dog has enough space around them so they are not overwhelmed by crowds
  • Give them plenty of breaks away from the main event; let them have a time out to be a dog and sniff!
  • On hot days give them plenty of opportunity to drink. Using a damp neckerchief or a specially designed cooling coat can help them to keep cool. Look for shady areas so your dog can shelter from the sun.
  • Even though you have been teaching your dog to walk nicely a day with lots of distractions is not the best place to continue with this training. Use a fixed harness (i.e. one that doesn’t tighten) for the day and don’t worry about your pooch walking to heal. It is important for the dogs to wear a harness if they are going to pull as it takes the pressure of the sensitive neck area.

Ensure your dog has a great day out by being aware of how they are feeling and ensure that they are having as much fun as you at all times!

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