My Dog School Bosnia experience

by Hannah Wilkinson // July 1st

My Dog School Bosnia experience!

In February this year I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Sarajevo, Bosnia in order to support the new Dog School team (Mirza, Ensar and Mufid).

I got on the plane with trepidation (I am terrified of flying!) and began my journey. If I am honest, my expectations were of a country still suffering the effects of war, terrified street dogs everywhere, pet dogs on choke chains and pieces of rope being shouted at and yanked around by their owners… how wrong I was!

Upon arriving in this beautiful city I found the people to be lovely and very hospitable and they owned a wide range of dogs some of which are not allowed in the UK.

The training facility for Dog School is well located and the team are one of the most enthusiastic I have ever met! It was interesting to meet the dog owners and to find that all they wanted was the best for their dogs. They listened to the advice the team give, followed instructions and you could see how proud they were when their dogs achieved the exercises. The team has made a fantastic start following their visit to Dog School in Essex and London. One of my most memorable moments was a “puppy” class … training in Essex I am more than familiar with Cockerpoo’s, Chihuahua’s and a certain type of owner! Not this puppy class! In walked all male owners with Cane Corso’s, Rottweilers and Siberian Huskies! The class was brilliant, with all the dogs settling quickly and focused on their owners before beginning the initial stages of the handling and recall programmes. I was so proud of the team...we even had a street dog come to the door wanting to join in with the class!

Dog School Bosnia (Or Škola za pse) have plans for 20 weekly classes/behavioural consults and currently train on average 40 dogs per week. Sanja (The PR and Marketing officer) has done great things with the building …. turning it from a boring office venue to an exciting and fun place for both people and dogs to learn.

Exciting times ahead for the team and Dog School Bosnia!