by Daniella Gouveia // June 2017

Bea’s stamp of approval!

Gorgeous Bea the Cocker recently started classes with us at our Basildon venue. Bea’s family said:

“It's been a while since Bea and I have gone to School, and I'm so glad we did!"

Bea, as you can imagine, was a typical Cocker Pup and I often came out of puppy classes exhausted and not feeling very positive about training. 

Not this time! Bea has obviously matured since then, but the team all helped and with the pods - fantastic idea - we were able to concentrate on Bea and she on us. I didn't struggle to keep her interested at any point.”

Bea is almost done with her classes and has been really calm and focused throughout. She has mastered the settle and comes straight in and goes right to relaxing on her blanket with her Kong. When it’s time to train she is up and interested, tail wagging the entire time. She has thoroughly enjoyed the classes and challenges and has been an absolute star!

Our dividers or ‘pods’ as we call them, have really made a difference for dogs like Bea who can be distracted during the early stages of learning. Giving each dog and their family a safe and comfortable space of their own within the class to work is a really great way for us to tailor the class situation to each dog’s needs.


 Well done Bea!