Minnie recalls!

by Hannah Wilkinson // November 2017

The Essex school received this wonderful e-mail about Minnie, a rescue puppy who recently attended Dog School and we couldn’t resist but share it with you.

She is doing really well and has really come on a long way since we were with you as she was a very nervous puppy.

I was quite worried about letting her off the lead as I thought I would lose her! But, armed with a bag of treats, and the information you had given me in your classes, I started in an enclosed area at the park with Minnie on her harness and a long line and was hugely relieved that she has a really good recall!  We have built on that and now I try and make sure that each walk has some time spent off lead, I always call her back lots when we are walking, sometimes I pop her lead on and sometimes I don’t…but I always give her a treat, a game or lots of fuss when she returns!

Minnie is also doing great at walking on a loose lead, we have even taken your advice and practiced this off lead! She now knows “close” which means she has to walk beside me off lead and 'heal' is on lead.

She enjoyed the play with other dogs in the class although you recognized she could get a little over the top with the other puppies and she has made friends with some dogs we see regularly on our walks. Her best friends are a springer spaniel called Millie and a cockapoo called Maggie, they are both very bouncy dogs, and it is so funny to me that given how nervous she used to be that she would form a bond with these very lively dogs. She has really come out of her shell and bounces around with them. It's lovely to watch her enjoying playing with a group of dogs. 

Both me and the boys loved the summer family class you ran, and they learnt lots from Maria, the education officer, about how to interact with her as they were being over zealous! Minnie is now choosing to come and sit next to them more and more and they love it!

We love it when people keep in touch with us and let us know how their dogs get on in the world when they leave the classes! Do you want your dog to be a good as Minnie? Get is touch with us to find out about our classes!

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