From Rochford to Romford

by Hannah Wilkinson // September 2017

From Rochford to Romford

Dog School Essex is celebrating its 5th venue across South Essex! Starting two years ago, classes ran from the training hall in Dogs Trust Basildon. The classes began to run on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Thursday daytimes. These were very soon fully booked and we realised we needed more venues throughout the South of the County.

A meeting with one of the lecturers at Writtle College in Chelmsford created a chance opportunity to use the new and purpose built Titchmarsh centre at Cow Watering lane for classes on a Tuesday evening. One year on and we have had over 100 dogs graduate from this venue!

A discovery of the Emerson Park Community Association centre near to Hornchurch and in a popular dog walking area provided an ideal location for Saturday morning training classes and the outside area is great to use in when the weather in nice!

Realising there was plenty of dog Owners who were enquiring abut the training in the east of the county a hunt began for suitable training venues. Our Rayleigh venue in Castle Road opened its doors for Monday morning training sessions in June and has already seen 12 dogs graduate from classes! This location is ideal with a car park area and outdoor grass area to work from.

The 5th venue is the wonderful Freight House in Rochford where Dog School Essex has use of the Pullman suite on a Monday evening. There is also lots of space outside for “real life” training sessions, including watching the trains go by and the airplanes take off from Southend airport!

If you would like to take part in our training at any of the above venues (or if you have a suggestion for us for a new venue) please get in touch!