by Dog School Glasgow // July 2017


Dog School Glasgow had the pleasure of welcoming gorgeous toy poodle puppy Arla to our classes last month! Arla had previously had a negative experience at another training class she went to, but got on so well at our 5-week puppy course. Her owners Emma and Leigh tell us about their experience with us:

“We enrolled Arla, our toy poodle, onto the Dog School Glasgow puppy course in May 2017.  We had been attending another puppy class but had some concerns with how Arla was behaving whilst she was there.  We did think that this other class was too overwhelming for Arla, as she seemed to spend a lot of the time hiding under the chair and during one class was actually carried around to ‘meet’ the pups by being held in front of each of them. Back home that evening our sweet little poodle was not her usual boisterous self. So we decided not to take Arla back to these classes and after speaking with the coaches at Dog School and attending the induction class, we were sure we made the right choice. 

The Dog School coaches reassured us that they would never force our pup into a situation that would frighten her and this was evident from the moment she first entered the class.  She was allowed to watch the other pups from the safety of her booth during the socialisation parts of class.  During the first class, Arla was clearly hesitant about getting too close to the other puppies as she would back away if another pup tried to approach her to play. However, taking confidence from our presence and curious by the playful antics of the other pups, she eventually ventured over to take a closer look. This made socialisation with other pups our favourite part of the course.


By the end of the training classes, we had a much more confident Arla. She is now much more comfortable meeting the other puppies and clearly enjoys interacting with them. It has been so rewarding to see our puppy increase in confidence and when I was asked if I would recommend Dog School to other owners I said ‘100% yes!’.”

Well done Arla!

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