Preparing for our new arrival!

By Jessica Colson | baby, children, relationship, glasgow

Branston and our new baby

So in March this year, after a long and exciting wait, my family and I welcomed our new baby boy Callan into the world.  Whilst in hospital he got to meet some of his human family, but when the time came to take Callan home. This meant we would also be introducing him to the four legged family he would be living with.  Branston, my 10 year old crossbreed has always been wonderful around my 2 year old son Aaron and already having a child, meant some of these preparations around the house were already in place.

Preparing for the new arrival!

Having a toddler who dotes on his furry friends, means that I always need to be vigilant, when they are together.  Sometimes you need to guide an excitable child on how to interact with their pets and when to give them space to relax.  So we make sure that equipment such as baby gates and child free beds are already in place to help with movement and safety.  We as a family have also made efforts to minimise disruption to Branston’s routine to try and help reduce any stress to him.  Having a new-born and a toddler is hard work, but involving everyone ensures Branston doesn’t miss out on exercise or is left out of the fun.  This did mean that we had to brush up on his lead work so he wasn’t pulling whilst walking alongside the pram.  At baby’s feeding time, we give Branston a Kong with his favourite treats which he always enjoys, Yum Yum!  He is always supervised around the kids and he is under no pressure to interact with them, he always has the option to move away if needed.  Branston is a member of the family not a prop in a photo or a child’s bouncy castle and we will continue to educate our kids on how to behave around him.  This may then encourage him to see them and other children as a positive thing in his life rather than something to be anxious about.


 Having seen Aaron and Branston develop such a great bond of friendship, it’s exciting to see this now with Callan.  I’ve even started to get Aaron involved in training times too!