Our recent puppy graduates!

by Nathalie Fraser // November 2017

Our recent puppy graduates!

The Dog School Glasgow team have just started running a class at Newton Mearns Parish Church and are very proud of our first graduates from puppy class!

The 5th and final week of our classes consists of a “Doggy Olympics” where the owners and their pups can practice everything they’ve been learning during the course and have some fun along the way. We usually like to have different stations set up for the owners to work on a particular skill in a new way, and also throw in a game or two such as “musical sits”!

Our first Newton Mearns puppy class included a black Labrador called Barney, a Border Collie named Sporsail, and German Shepherd Mya. We saw such a big improvement from each of them over the 5 weeks!


Mya’s owner Nicole wanted to get Mya’s training off to a good start, as the family is expecting a new baby soon! Mya was quite easily distracted to begin with and would switch off quickly when there was no food on offer upfront! We worked with Nicole to help phase out treats upfront as soon as possible and Mya done really well learning to focus on her owner, always with the promise that a treat would come afterwards of course. Nicole says their greatest accomplishment at training was improving Mya’s lead walking – a very important skill to learn at this stage before Mya gets any bigger!


Sporsail’s owner Shirley had already been working hard on basic training such as sits and downs, and contacted us for classes to help improve her communication with Sporsail and strengthen the bond between the two of them. Sporsail picked up training really really quickly, but one of the most important things learned at class was the settle, helping teach Sporsail to relax and settle down when there’s no attention coming from her owner. Shirley is planning to come back for some adult classes once Sporsail is old enough, it’ll be lovely to see them again!

 Here’s a bonus picture of Sporsail in her fetching pink raincoat – no one could resist that adorable face!


Last but certainly not least, Barney (who was too engrossed in his DentaStik to pose for the photo)! We saw such a huge improvement in Barney over the course - at the beginning he was super excited and loved to jump up. His lovely owner Ruth put in lots of practice at home, especially working on four paws on the floor, and after a few weeks Barney was hardly jumping up at all. He demonstrated perfectly in class how to politely approach a visitor, offering a lovely sit each time with no jumping up – this was a very proud moment for Ruth! Ruth could see Barney becoming more and more responsive to her over the course of the weeks, and it was a pleasure to work with them both.

 We’ve been having a great time in our new venue and can’t wait for our next block of classes to start! Classes at Newton Mearns take place on Thursdays, the puppy class is at 11.30am and we also have an adult dog class at 12.30pm. If you’re interested, contact us now to book your place – you can reach us at glasgowdogschool@dogstrust.org.uk or on 07920658653!