by Nathalie Fraser // September 2017


Bonnie is around 2 and a half years old and was adopted earlier this year from Dogs Trust Glasgow by her lovely owner Mrs Bell. Poor Bonnie (who was named Sophia whilst at the centre), along with the three other poodles she came into the rehoming centre with, hadn’t had the best start in life and was very unsure of anything new at first, but her confidence began to grow slowly but surely as our dedicated canine carers and training and behaviour team here at the centre worked closely with her.

Bonnie definitely found her special someone in Mrs Bell, who is absolutely devoted to her and understands her special requirements perfectly, taking everything at Bonnie’s own pace. Mrs Bell told us that for the first few weeks after taking Bonnie home she was still extremely shy and preferred taking in her new surroundings from a distance. However it wasn’t long before she’d learned to trust her new owner and was eager to come and share the couch for some cuddles along with her new brother Buttons, Mrs Bell’s older poodle.

Mrs Bell wanted to make sure she had the support to help Bonnie as much as possible and so contacted us to book into our training classes a few months after adopting Bonnie. While Bonnie was still a little bit unsure she had been coping so well since going home that we felt she’d be ready to come along to classes. Our small class sizes were ideal for a more nervous dog like Bonnie, so Mrs Bell decide to bring her along to our Sunday class at Mount Vernon Community Hall.

Bonnie coped well in class, and it was easy to see the bond she’d formed with her owner already. She was still a little hesitant at times which was to be expected, we reassured Mrs Bell that the most important thing is going at each dog’s own individual pace and that especially given the background Bonnie had come from, she was doing really well.  Mrs Bell explained to us that her main priority was improving Bonnie’s confidence and building a reliable recall so she can ultimately let her off lead on walks, so we made sure to work closely with her on this.

We started to see Bonnie’s confidence grow week by week, by week 3 she was actually venturing up to the coaches to investigate and have a sniff and in our final class she quite happily came over to say hello to us – she’d previously not been comfortable doing this so it was lovely to see.

Bonnie and Mrs Bell worked very hard together in between classes, and by the end of the course she was doing absolutely amazingly with her recall which was something Mrs Bell had initially struggled with! Bonnie’s focus on her owner is also excellent and we’re so proud of how far they’ve both come!

Not only did Bonnie’s confidence improve greatly during the course, so did her owner’s. Mrs Bell now feels she has all the tools to keep up the amazing work with Bonnie, and is planning to come back for another cycle of classes in a few months once Bonnie has settled in even more. We couldn’t be happier with the progress they both made and can’t wait to see them again!

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