And they called it Puppy Love!

by Janey Coates // February 2018

And they called it Puppy Love!


Readers, meet Teddy….

I know, I know, it’s almost impossible to contain the squeals when met with this bundle of fluff. From the dark doe eyes to the excited blur of a tail, Teddy the Malti-Poo is 10 inches of pure cute! Here at Dogs School Hampshire, we love puppies, all shapes, all size, and all varieties!


It was love at first sight for Teddy’s mum and Teddy happily slotted into her family but, luckily for Teddy, his mum knew how important it was to give him the best start in life. It would have been easy for her to cave to those puppy eyes at dinner time and encourage Teddy to beg at the table. It would have been just as easy to let Teddy zoom around the house and nose his way through the front door as soon as it was opened. But from the day she brought him home Teddy’s mum knew she had to be consistent. He may be a fluffy ball of a puppy now, but Teddy’s mum wanted to make sure when he grew up he was a polite, well-mannered dog.

  ….. So, she brought him to Dog School Hampshire of course!

Over five weeks, Teddy learnt to wait patiently whilst his mum opened the door before calmly walking through. He mastered the recall command with even the most trying of distractions (Coach’s running up and down the hall waving their arms). In fact, Teddy was such a bright spark he started the beginnings of agility training and began to learn the weave poles. All of this was achieved with consistency from his family and a pro-active approach to his training from an early age.

It’s easy to fall in love with puppies; they don’t complain half as much as our other halves, they’re always excited to see us, and they are constantly full of joy seemingly for just being alive. But as owners, it’s easy to fall into the trap of encouraging behaviours that we don’t want to see in our adult dogs. A tiny puppy jumping up for a cuddle might seem cute now but do we want that from our adult dogs?  If we are consistent from day one and never reward our 8 week old St Bernard puppy for jumping up for attention, we’re going to have a much easier life when our puppy hits eight stone as an adult. Watching our puppy rough and tumble with other pups is undeniably cute, but will adult dogs appreciate this boisterous style of play when he grows up and wants to play in the same way with dogs in the park.

So if you’ve fallen in love and brought a puppy into your lives and you find yourself wondering the same things… Rest assured, the answer isn’t up above, it’s here at Dog School. Set your new best friend up with the greatest gift this Valentines Day; an education for the future.


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