by Sian Griffin // July 2017

Doggy Olympics!

Throughout our training classes we teach dogs a variety of skills such as loose lead walking, coming back when called, manners at doorways, to be gently handled or examined and to sit, settle and lie down.

At the end of each course we hold our ‘Doggy Olympics’; this involves owners and their dogs going around an obstacle course, with a variety of stations set up to use each skill that we have covered throughout the weeks in classes.

It is a fun session designed for everyone to put into practice what they have been learning in a different way. We have novel items and unusual looking items to distract and add real-life interaction. In the above picture Buddy’s owner, has put a wig and lab coat on whilst he handles her in our ‘vet waiting room’ section.

The Doggy Olympics is also more challenging for the dogs because the layout of the hall has changed and there might be more going on around them and more distractions, meaning they must concentrate harder and focus on their owner. The owners need to work harder to keep their dog’s focus on them. This helps to show how when we move out of a training environment and into a more distracting environment, or into the ‘real world’ that they need to carry on with the training and may have to work a bit harder to keep their dog’s focus. We use reward based training throughout our classes which ensures our dogs make the right choices around the distractions.

Here is a loose lead walking alley where they weave in and out of the cones, with distractions either side but still putting into practice their loose lead walking and rewarding the dog for a loose lead and being in the right position.

Dog School Hampshire started holding their first Doggy Olympics in May which have run smoothly and have been a great success! We have received great feedback that our Doggy Olympics is good fun and shows owners that they need to work harder with their dogs when it is a more distracting environment.

We are very proud of all the dogs; along with their owners they have all worked hard and progressed well throughout the course and they all did brilliantly in the Olympics!


At the end of the course we give each dog a certificate of completion. Here are just a few of our dogs who have successfully completed our courses, we have Buddy and Boo.

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