Barney's success story

by Sian Griffin // June 2017

Barney's success story

Barney’s owner wanted to come to classes to help with Barney’s behaviour in particular his control around other dogs and walking on the lead.

On our first week Barney was very nervous in the hall - shaking, panting and he wouldn’t eat any treats. We spent the first class just getting him used to the hall – the new environment, the sounds, smells and sights of other people and dogs. Just reassuring him and rewarding him with fuss when he was calm.

On his second week, Barney was more relaxed in the hall, he didn’t shake or pant as much and started to respond to his owner in that environment. He took part in some of the exercises we were doing and accepted some treats.

On Barney’s third week, he was much more relaxed in the hall, he no longer shook or panted, he took part in the class, was moving happily around his bay, he was responding to his owner and would eat his treats. Barney had become accustomed to the new environment and the distractions within it, he was relaxed and comfortable with the situation and would pull his owner in to the hall, wagging his tail frantically!

Here is a very relaxed Barney!!

From then on he came on leaps and bounds, improving each time we saw him. It was also clear to us that his owner had been putting in the time at home with his training.

On our Olympics week Barney coped really well with the changes in the hall and with the added distractions of people and dogs moving around quite close to him. He responded to his owner on each task and completed the circuit successfully.

Feedback from Barney’s owner is that he has done well and it is pleasurable to take him out for a walk now, because his behavior and loose lead walking has improved. His owner’s feedback was: ‘Being able to walk on a loose lead is a joy for Barney and me. It is much more comfortable and less frustrating for us both.’

Barney and his owner just show what you can achieve if you put in the work at home with training your dog.

Well Done Barney!