August 2018 // by Natalie Glew

Harvey's Dog School Journey

Harvey, the handsome crossbreed dog from Romania, started his Dog School journey at Dog School Hertfordshire’s very first class, as an 18-month-old.  His owner, Angie, has just signed up for their fourth course of 5-week training classes at Harpenden (Thursday mornings), because she and Harvey have enjoyed themselves so much and want to continue learning together!



Harvey is a large and bouncy dog (possibly a Lab cross) and takes everything in his stride.  He is confident, energetic and sometimes highly excitable – all traits which he showed off in his very first class!  When he entered the hall and saw new people, dogs and exciting surroundings, he let out an enthusiastic howl of joy.  Harvey maintained this enthusiasm throughout his first class, but with help from Angie and their Dog School coaches, he soon relaxed and learnt to settle – even when he wasn’t getting any attention from his classmates (both people and dogs!).  5 weeks later, at the end of his first course, Harvey graduated with flying colours – he had learned to settle so well that, by the end of most classes, he didn’t want to get up and leave!



Harvey’s brilliant, kind and patient owner, Angie, has been working diligently with Harvey to offer him the best start possible for his new life in Hertfordshire, far away from the streets of Romania.  Angie offered the following kind words after she and Harvey completed their second course:

“I have had such a lovely time with Harvey and you over the last two courses and can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done, shown us, loved us and made the whole process fun"

Now, when Angie and Harvey come to class, Harvey practices and progresses all his fantastic obedience and new skills.  Angie can proudly tell the other owners what wonders Dog School has done for them both and the importance of teaching your dog the Settle skill.  

 "It was about finding a place where Harvey and I felt able to be ourselves with the trust and safety you provided, with understanding and kindness and fun”

We often ask owners “What part of Dog School is most useful to you?”.  Angie says:

“Consistency and being able to see the progress Harvey has made!”



Harvey’s first graduation, receiving his certificate politely from Head Coach, Natalie


 When we asked, “What is your greatest accomplishment?”, Angie replied:

“Calmness, focusing on me even when around other dogs and improvements in all areas of his training”


Harvey enjoys a Kong in class


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