How to make a tug-toy!

by Rhiannon Allsopp // January 2018

How to make a tug-toy!

At Dog School Hertfordshire, we have been busy learning new ways to make playtime with your dog’s really fun.

One way we researched was making your own tug toys, using just some fleece material and scissors! We found a method that we found so easy, that we couldn’t help but share. We love teaching tug to dogs, it’s a great way to play a safe game, that exerts a lot of energy and as you have one end of the toy, the game revolves around you and your dog. In our classes, we use tug toys a lot, they are a great reward, however, we do appreciate that not every dog likes to play tug.

Other games you can play with your dog, young or old, can be scent work games. This doesn’t have to be anything more complex than hiding a few treats in the grass, or around your house and then saying ‘go find it’ whilst being there to offer hints if your dog struggles. You can play find me games, where you hide behind objects and your dog gets to find you. Make sure you don’t make it too hard to start with, gradually increase the difficulty.

We have many games to suggest so if you need more help, contact to find out more.

  • Cut four long strips of fleece. (We used a fleece blanket, and cut it up into strips about 10cm x 150cm)

  • Bunch the four ends together and tie a knot at least 20cm in. This ensures that it won’t unplait.

  • Lay the fleece on the floor, and separate each of the four strips in a star.

  • Take the top right strip and fold it over the bottom right strip, creating a loop.

  • Take the bottom left strip and fold it over the top left strip to form another loop.

  • This is where it can get a little confusing so don’t rush this bit! Take the top left strip (the one that hasn’t moved yet) and post it through the loop created on the righthand side.

  • Now take the bottom right strip (the last one to move) and post it through the loop created on the left-hand side.

  • Pull all the strips, slowly but firmly until it is tightened up.

  • Repeat steps 4-8 multiple times.

  • Keep going!

  • Once you are happy with the length (or you run out of material!) tie a knot very close to the plait to keep it tight.

   And there you have it!One beautiful tug toy!

Now time to start playing with your puppy!

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