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Hector the Boxer

Read one family's story about how Dogs Trust Dog Schools helped Hector the boxer.

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Keep your dogs busy with these fun enrichment ideas!

We’ve all had those days where, no matter how much we seem to exercise our dogs, they struggle with settling down. Dog School Kent share some of their ideas to keep your dogs entertained.

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Rewards and Reinforcers - What are they?

At Dog School, we like to reward our dogs for good behaviour and the good choices that they may make - learn more about how and why this works so well for training!

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Training tips : Take a break!

Sometimes when we are training with our dogs, we come across little moments when they don’t seem to fully understand what we are asking of them or they may have just “switched off”. Learn about the value of taking a break!

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Who has the time?!

It can be very difficult trying to fit a solid training session with our dogs into our busy lives. The good news is that short and sweet sessions can be more effective than trying to fit a large block of training into our day.

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Recent Success Stories from Kent!

Over our five week course, we focus on providing a well-rounded education and thought we’d highlight some of our recent success stories!

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Trainers Tool Box

Having all the essentials in your “Trainer’s Tool Box” before starting your training session can help it to go smoothly and to end with success!

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Case Study: Lola

Meet Lola the Frenchie!

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Jeskyns Community Woodland

Join Dog School Kent as they scout out dog friendly places in the Garden of England!

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