Recent Success Stories from Kent!

by Ceri O'Regan // August 2017

Recent Success Stories from Kent!

Here at Dog School Kent, we’re so proud of our recent graduates! Each dog who comes to our classes often has a specific element of training that their owner would like to focus on, whether it be their recall or loose lead walking. Some owners would just like to see if their dog can be calm and quiet in a classroom full of exciting distractions – other dogs, people and delicious smelling food! Over our five week course, we focus on providing a well-rounded education and thought we’d highlight some of our recent success stories!



Bella recently graduated from our South Darenth classes – when she began the course, she was uncomfortable around new people and found it challenging to interact with the coaches while surrounded by other dogs, in an unfamiliar environment – but quickly learned that trainers come bearing treats! Come Week 5, Bella was happy to accept food and fuss from our coaches and could confidently practice her recall in front of the class – which meant running past lots of people and other dogs to return to her mum!


Henry was our cheeky little JRT crossbreed from South Darenth. Like many terriers, Henry is full of energy and eager to learn. Henry did brilliantly working on his loose lead walking and recall, even mastering a fabulous “freesit”. We like to add in distractions to progress our clever pupils onto more difficult stages and Henry performed admirably. He’s off now to practice his new skills outside the classroom!



Gorgeous Bodie is our youngest graduate from the Canterbury puppy classes! Bodie will grow up to be a big boy, so he’s worked diligently with his owners to improve his loose lead walking and learned how to greet other dogs politely. We think educating owners on how to safely introduce their puppies to new dogs is the key to successful dog mixes throughout their puppy’s life. The more social skills they pick up during puppyhood, the better they will communicate and mix as adults!



Beautiful Alfie is a sociable boy and wants nothing more than to say hello to everyone! It’s been a big challenge for Alfie to learn to be calm around the other dogs. By Week 5, we aim to have everyone working in an open space, so they can see all the other dogs and people clearly, which is a big ask for some of our pups. Alfie has been a lively lad, but over the weeks he’s developed a range of coping skills. Alfie will be joining us in our adult classes now, so we hope to see lots more improvement over the next 5 weeks! (Keep an eye out for a follow up article charting Alfie’s progress!)

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