Case Study: Lola

by Ceri O’Regan // November 2017

Case Study:  Lola!

Lola the French Bull Terrier started off her journey with Dogs Trust when she was seized on the shores of Dover.  When she entered the Canterbury Rehoming Centre, heavily pregnant with her next litter of puppies.

Lola became quite familiar with the Kent Dog School team, as they always came to visit her after their Saturday morning training classes.  Shortly after arriving, Lola gave birth to two beautiful little puppies, named Gus and Susan.

Lola’s little puppies were promptly adopted and it was good news for Lola, too, as Canterbury Centre’s very own Volunteer Coordinator, Georgia Hannen, began the adoption process to take Lola home!

Lola was quite a character at the centre, where puppy-mum-to-be Georgia noticed her being vocal when she spotted other dogs walking past, on their way for some exercise or coming in for training.  However, when introduced to other dogs, Lola proved to be a social butterfly and so Lola has enrolled with Dog School, where she can start to implement some basic training and learn to work around other dogs without becoming frustrated. 

Although it’s a wonderful sight to see our dogs happily playing with their pooch pals, some dogs aren’t as confident and may need more space, so it’s important to teach our dogs that they can’t play with everyone they see and to help them cope with the frustration that can arise from having to delay that sought-after playdate!

 Lola loves people, too, so another big focus for her training will be to prevent her jumping up at strangers.  Although we love our dogs to be sociable with people and confident to make new friends, it isn’t always appropriate for them to put their paws on someone – and if your dog is any larger than little Lola, their enthusiasm can be too much for those less stable on their feet, or small children.  Teaching all dogs to have nice manners when greeting new people is a key skill all dogs can benefit from learning!

Like most dogs, Lola loves her food – and she loves her family’s food even more!  In Dog School, Lola will learn a “leave it” cue, so her family can keep her safe when out and about on walks, when her nose takes her off to investigate something super smelly, that might not be safe.  Leave It is useful around the house, too, when those stray bits of food fall from the sky – some human foods are harmful for dogs to eat, so teaching your dog to leave something on cue can prevent them ingesting something dangerous.

Lola will also be learning how to "settle".  Our dogs need to learn to be confident and content by themselves, especially when their humans are eating or can’t give them attention.  Lola will learn how to stay calm and settle down on her bed, so her family can enjoy their dinner in peace!

Lola will be learning a whole syllabus full of useful skills she and her family can use in everyday life.  To keep up with her progress and find out more about Training classes near you, visit our website at

 You can also follow Lola’s progress through our social media accounts!

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