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The Tale of the Giant Dog

Here at Dog School Leeds we see up to 90 dogs attend our classes each week. Some are very young puppies, many are juveniles, some are older, and some are giant!

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Make your own tug toys!

Here at Dog School we go through lots of toys during classes, and toy shopping for replacements can become a very expensive and time consuming job. Instead of buying all new toys for the dogs, we instead salvage pieces of old blanket and materials to use to make our own tug toys instead!

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Multi-Dog Households!

A 2015 report by PDSA showed that a quarter of UK households owned a dog, head coach Louise has 5! Read more for information and tips about making the most of all your canine companions...

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Keeping Cool This Summer

We all know how important it is to keep our dogs cool during summer - read on for some fun tips on how to help them cool off!

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Stop Beating Yourself Up

If training hasn’t been going well... Stop and take a breath

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Show me the money!!

Reward based training; wages for a job well done!

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Volunteering with Dog School leads to a new career

How volunteering as a class assistant created a career opportunity for our new Coach - from red to purple, changing of the colour!

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Keeping Hounds Happy at Halloween

Ensuring Halloween is only scary for the humans!

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Trick AND Treat

Who says Halloween is just for kids?

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