The Perfect Pub Dog!

by Niki Smith // April 2018

The Perfect Pub Dog!

One of my favourite activities to do with my dog, Milo, is taking him for a big long walk in the countryside followed by a trip down to the pub afterwards! Its win-win for both of us: I can enjoy a good pub lunch and refreshing drink and Milo can enjoy a well deserved rest whilst watching the world go by.

And he may even get a sneaky leftover chip from my plate if he’s been a good boy, which he always is!

My husband and I have been taking Milo to the pub with us since he was very young and he now settles super fast and lays down as soon as we sit down at a table. He loves watching the comings and goings and especially enjoys visiting a pub with an open fire that he can curl up in front of- great for those winter months!

But not all dogs naturally settle down as fast as Milo, especially if they are in a new place with lots of exciting things happening around them.  Sometimes getting a dog to settle down needs to be taught…

this is where Dog School comes in!

At Dog School one of the first things we teach in our classes is how to help your dogs settle. What we mean by this is not ordering your dog on to its bed and asking them to lie down because I’m sure you’ll agree that being ordered to do something is never very relaxing, is it? It’s important for our dogs to learn to choose to settle and relax on their beds when we haven’t got our attention on them. We practice this every week in class and see massive improvements in all the dogs, even a class full of overexcited puppies can be lovely and quiet and calm.

Dog School has created a fantastic short video on how you can teach this which you can view here:

Teaching the settle exercise is invaluable as we can use it in so many different environments, not just the pub. We need to start practising it in low distraction areas to start with and you can always help your dog out by giving them a Kong or chew to keep them occupied. Eventually, you should be able to get your dogs to settle down in many different scenarios such as when you are busy at home, when guests come round, at a friend or family member’s house or at a café.

Particularly if you have a young puppy, taking your dog down to the pub with you is a fantastic opportunity to socialise them with a variety of different things such as noises, floor textures, people and other dogs. It also gives you the freedom to take your dog anywhere with you safe in the knowledge that they will chill out, relax and behave themselves.

So give it a go! Many pubs, restaurants and cafés are dog-friendly, but if you are ever unsure don’t be afraid to ask. You may be surprised that your favourite local watering hole also allows your furry friend to join you!


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