Boxing Day? Boxing Clever!

By Niki Smith // December 2017

Christmas is well and truly on its way and whether you love or loathe the festive period we imagine that your home at the minute will be fairly chaotic and that nearly every room in the house will be filled with Christmas related clutter! Whether it’s the large array of different sized cardboard boxes that have just been delivered from that last minute (and panicked!) online shop you’ve just done or the pile of presents that are already neatly wrapped and are ready and waiting for the big day. Also, If you are anything like my mum you may have a huge collection of rolls of wrapping paper and boxes of Christmas cards, enough that you could actually set up your own shop! (You can never have enough choice apparently!)

Once Christmas day has been and gone, all the presents have been opened and life starts to return back to normal, most homes will be left with a huge amount of rubbish and we can all be left wondering…what do I do with all?!

Fear not!!!!

Don’t worry about your wheelie bins and recycling boxes being fit to bursting, believe it or not, the majority of the items you may be throwing away can be easily re-used as enrichment items for your dog or puppy. Please read on for some of our creative and festive ideas…

Wrapping Paper Snuffle Box

This is a great idea to put any cardboard boxes and remnants of used wrapping paper to good use. Simple fill the box (ideally shoe box sized depending on the size of your dog) with small scraps of wrapping paper and then simply add your dogs favourite treats or kibble to the box and give it a little shake. Voila! Let your dogs snuffle and sniff out the treats from the box to their hearts content. 

Destruction Boxes

If you have a dog that likes to chew then make them a destruction box! Use any leftover boxes, ideally ones that you can still close up, and fill them with treats. If you want to make it more difficult for your dog then you can put a smaller box inside a larger box. The aim of the game is exactly as it says on the tin – destroy the box to get out the treats! They may make a bit of a mess but your dog will have lots of fun in the process!

Wrapping paper tube shaker

If you’ve used the last of a roll of wrapping paper, do not throw out the inner tube. Instead, cut it to the desired length that is appropriate for the size of your dog and then carefully cut some holes in to the side of the tube. Fill it with some dog treats or kibble and then bend the cardboard at each end to close the openings. Then the fun begins! Present it to your dog and let them figure out how to get the treats out of the holes. Great fun!

Remember to always supervise your dog when giving it homemade enrichment items.

We hope you find these ideas a fantastic way to use up your left over Christmas rubbish and most importantly keep your dogs happy and entertained! When it comes to enrichment for your dogs, the possibilities are endless. Try to think outside the box! (Or in this case, inside the box!)

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