Trick AND Treat

By Rachel Vasey // October 2017

Here at Dog School Leeds we are always looking for new things to teach our dogs and we like to mix things up a bit so that we are keeping training fun!  We may focus one day on handling techniques, the next loose lead walking or even progressing their recall but a nice break from some of that serious training is… 


We find that although sometimes useless, training tricks is a brilliant way to continue building the bond between owner and dog.  It is fun and breaks up some of the more serious, real life training.

Now, as it is coming up to Halloween we HAVE to stick to the Halloween theme, right?! So we were thinking how much fun would it be to teach your dog how to play dead?  So here we go…



  1. Ask your dog to be in the ‘down’ position. If your dog does not know how to do a ‘down’ already – work on this before you continue.


  1. Hold a tasty treat on the end of your dog’s nose! Slowly move your hand towards the back of the dog’s neck, towards the shoulder – this will encourage your dog to lie on his side to retrieve the treat.


  1. As soon as your dog lies on their side use your marker word or clicker and deliver the treat.


  1. Repeat this multiple times, after all practice makes perfect but remember- we don’t want your dog becoming dependent on the treat so remove the treat from your hand after THREE Still hold your hand as if you are holding a treat and deliver the treat once the behavior has been completed. This is to prevent the ‘show me the money’ dogs – see our previous blog post.


  1. If your dog is completing the action nine out of ten times, add your command. This can be any word you would like… feel free to use your imagination! Common commands are ‘bang’ and ‘dead’.

Don’t forget!

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