Canine Carers to Coaches!

By Suzie Douglass // December 2017

Dog School Leeds are currently seeing a switch round in staff as current Senior Coach Rachel and Coach Beckie begin setting up a new Dog School in Doncaster. They will hopefully start running classes in the new year with lots of setting up to do in the meantime. We wish them all the best for their new roles and hope Dog School Doncaster is a massive success… (we know it will be with these guys in charge).

This means we are welcoming two new starters Suzie and Niki to the team at Leeds…

Both Suzie and Niki previously worked at the Dogs Trust Leeds Re-homing Centre as Canine Carers and have made the move to Dog School. Starting any new job/role can be very daunting, especially when you’re leaving behind a job you love so much!

Being Canine Carers in the Re-homing centre is such a rewarding role, working so closely with the dogs on a day to day basis is something we were worried we would miss with changing roles. We had to leave behind some of our favourite doggy friends who are still looking for their forever homes and who we used to see daily, which was extremely hard to do. We make sure to check in with them regularly and keep an eye on how they’re doing, making sure we still get squishes whenever we can!

We both made the move to Dog School after seeing so many dogs coming into Re-homing centres through behavioural problems which may have been prevented if addressed early on. As amazing as it was working one to one with the dogs in kennels we both felt a move to be part of the education for owners to help stop these problems starting in the first place was the move for us.

We still get to see a lot of the dogs who are adopted from the centre as they come along to Dog School classes to get the perfect start with their new owners, this can be a fantastic way for them to bond with their new canine companion. We also see a wide variety of dogs and puppies coming along to get a head start in life with their training or to further their already learned skills.

Although we’ll both miss certain elements of the busy hustle and bustle Re-homing Centre life, we know we have a role which is just as rewarding as we aim for the same goal…

to hopefully see less dogs finding themselves in kennels needing a new home!

Don’t forget!

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