Jake and Jason – the perfect match!

By Rachel Vasey // November 2017

Jake and Jason – the perfect match!

Sometimes, more often than not, staff members of the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre fall in love with the dogs they look after. Jake is one of these dogs. Jake was adopted in August 2017 by one of the Rehoming Centre staff, Jason and the first thing he did was to come into our office and book him into a set of our training classes!

In Jake’s previous home he had been left alone for many hours at a time in a crate with little stimulation or training which is why Jason and Dave booked straight onto Dog School to ensure Jake receives the best start possible in his new forever home.

The first exercise we teach in class is to ‘settle’ – this was very much suited to Jake as he is very stimulated by his surroundings. Settle training is for when we take our attention off our dogs, we aim for our dogs to be relaxed and just settle by our side no matter what is surrounding them... Perfect for those pub visits or picnics! This is exactly what Jason and Dave did after much practice of their settle training.

And look at how well they are doing! Not only did they practice in the pub, they also took it outside...

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Each week Jake has attended classes and has learnt many new skills, improved some old skills and has even conquered some fears! We can truly say that Jake has developed into the confident, well mannered dog he should have always been.

Jake graduated classes on the 20th of October and Jason included the below statement in his feedback form:

Jake and I love coming to Dog School classes. The trainers always make us feel welcome and Jake loves getting a fuss before the hard work starts. It’s great to see Jake improving week by week and watching him learn, you can really see he is enjoying himself. It is also good for me as I get to leave the classes with the confidence to carry on the training at home and watch Jake improve even more.

 The trainers are brilliant and always on hand to ask questions and give you guidance if your dog doesn’t quite understand something. It is also a good social time for both dogs and owners as we can all share stories of what we need work on so we can all learn. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dogs Trust Dog School to new owners in the future.”

We loved having you in class and keep up the good work, remember once a Dog School dog, always a Dog School dog!

Don’t forget!

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