Keeping Hounds Happy at Halloween

By Rachel Vasey // October 2017

Keeping Hounds Happy at Halloween

Keeping our dogs safe is always at the forefront of our mind and we should be especially mindful of this during the Halloween period. There will be things that your dog has never encountered before which may lead to your dog showing signs of fear and/or anxiety. Don’t panic! Allow them to move away if they need to, allow them to approach gradually in their own time (if suitable) and reward them for being brave and you will help your dog or puppy learn to be brave and confident when they are faced with something new, unusual or possibly scary.

Trick or treat!

Your door will be open for the majority of the night, handing out sweets and chocolate to ghosts and ghouls. It may be worth thinking where your dog will be in this situation? Can you ensure that your dog is unable to escape? A baby gate is a good way of preventing any escapees, then pair this up with something to keep them occupied and you are onto a winner! Not only will this keep them entertained, it will also associate something scary – whether it is scary masks or even the knocking on the front door – with something pleasant such as a chew, a bone or their Kong with their favourite filling.

A quick reminder…

  • Some foods given out during the Halloween period are poisonous to our dogs. Visit the Dogs Trust help and advice page to find out more.
  • Gates can be left open by trick or treaters – ensure the safety of your dog by checking all gates are closed before letting your dog out.
  • Putting costumes on our dogs may be fun for us but it may not be for our dogs, please be mindful of this.

Happy Halloween!!

If your dog is particularly unnerved by the door knocking Dog School Leeds are addressing noise sensitivity during their ‘Firework Fears’ seminar on the 2nd October 2017. Call or email to book a place on 0113 2814933 or