Spring Has Sprung!

by Jo Page // March 2018

Spring Has Sprung!

As far as we’re concerned, it’s officially the best time of the year. Nothing infuses us with joy more than that first feel of the sun even when it’s still cold outside. Not only is it a time of year that inspires a bit of basking, it’s also a great time of year for you and your dog.

Chats at the Dog School office about what Easter means to us (aside from the religious festivals) led us down a virtual rabbit warren. You say Easter, we say Easter bunny! As we all tuck into our eggs, spare a thought for your faithful hound. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and it’s very important that they never get any human chocolate. This doesn’t mean that the Easter fun has to stop for your four-legged friend, however. Why not hard boil an egg or two, chop into pieces and hold your very own doggy Easter egg hunt?! Spiggy here was very happy to test run the hunt for you and it gets a full lick of approval from her!

Start by chopping up the egg and placing it in the garden or out on a walk.

Start in easier to spot places so that they build their confidence and start using that fabulous nose!

Then you can start hiding them in harder places and let them sniff away the goodies!

Spring is a time of new life and new beginnings. As always, Dog School is here to help and if you are expecting a new life of your own, keep your eyes peeled for a ‘From Bump to Beyond’ seminar at a Dog School near you! These seminars are packed with handy tips for helping you acclimatize your dog to a new baby in the family. If your new arrival is considerably furrier than a human, we also hold regular ‘Your New Puppy’ seminars for a great start on choosing the right puppy and giving them the best start. We also have our fabulous puppy school courses to start your training journey in the most positive way.

Little Rosie here is one of Dog Schools newest puppy recruits. Rosie is so excited to join us she’s gone to sleep!

As the days begin to get longer and brighter there is lots of new life in the fields. Who doesn’t love to watch springy little lambs frolicking all over the place?! Dogs can be very scary for these little bundles of fluff so we must keep our dogs on leads around them. If you have the opportunity, however, practicing your loose lead walking at a safe distance and with a fence between you and the sheep can be a wonderful way of a) proofing your training against some interesting distractions and b) encouraging your dog to think of sheep as part of the background and not something to get over-excited about.

The other bonus with the weather improving is that we can utilize more of our outdoor space for training, both in classes and at home! Have a go at loose lead walking as you weave through bollards, practice your settle work in a café garden and, like Bailey here, feel super proud of yourself when you get that perfect recall in the park!

Whatever the weather, have fun with your training and if you would like to learn a little bit more or need a helping hand then check out our website www.dogstrustdogschool.co.uk or get in touch with your local school!

To find out more about East Midlands’s classes and events, call us on 01509 882316, or drop us an email at emidsdogschool@dogstrust.org.uk

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