Enjoyable Enrichment!

by Anna Green & Colleen Booth // April 2018

Enjoyable Enrichment!

As Coaches we often hear owners describing problems related to boredom, so here are some cheap but handy tips to keep your pooch occupied and out of trouble!

Hide & Seek 

This can be done with people, toys or food. Hide stuff around the home/garden and teach your pooch to find them! You can start by just hiding a few biscuits around the house or garden, telling your dog to ‘find it’ and then guiding them round in their search! As they get better you won’t need to help and you can keep them busy for longer! I use this game when the postman comes so my dog isn’t trying to steal the post!


Make some puzzle games by putting treats in bottles and attaching it to a frame for the dogs to knock around or pop some treats into a cupcake tray with some tennis balls on top, this will keep them busy. Or for a simple trick get lots of boxes, egg boxes, cereal boxes, packing boxes, put a few biscuits in them, put a box in a box in a box and encourage your dog to get involved in locating the treats!



Name your pooches toys, teach them to bring you a particular friend, then have a game of fetch with it. Start with one toy with all the others put away, encourage your pooch to fetch the toy and toss it for them as you say the toys name! Once they’ve got it add in more toys!


Take your dog for a walk with family and friends to change up their walkies! Go somewhere new with different things to smell, the dog lives through their nose and it will tire them out more to go to new places!

Boredom busters

Buy some new chews or make your own fun by popping some treats into cardboard boxes. Find out what chews your dog really likes by offering them a couple and letting them choose! My dogs love to do this, I will line up 5 chews and they each get to choose one!


Teach your pooch a new trick, that 1 on 1 time will bring you closer together and also tire out their brain, giving you peace and quiet! You can simply teach your dog to give a paw by holding a treat in your hand and rewarding them for trying to get it with their paw!

These are all ideas to keep your pooches mentally happy & healthy.

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