Is your dog bored?

by Jenny Mee // April 2017

Just like people, dogs can get bored! And a bored dog can lead to a          troublesome dog.  Excessive barking, digging up your plants, chewing your clothes or shoes, or even parts of the house! These are all potential signs of boredom. Or your dog may react to boredom by becoming quite lethargic and depressed, or even trying to escape from the garden to go and find his own fun!

But don’t panic, help is at hand. The team at East Midlands Dog School have come up with some helpful tips!

Doggy Boredom Busters!

* Same old, same old! - Add variety to your dogs routine. Try different routes for your daily walks, vary their toys or teach them a new skill!

* Need to chew! - lots of dogs, particularly when young, love to chew. So if you don’t want them to chew your items, give them lots of stuff of their own to chew on! From pig ears to frozen carrots, there are lots of things out there to satisfy their need.

* Get training — whether in a class or just at home, training is great fun for dog and owner. Keep sessions short and exciting, and use high value rewards for YOUR dog (chicken, ham, or even a favourite tug toy). And training classes are a great way to get out and make some new friends, whilst brushing up on some basic skills.

* Ditch the food bowl! - invest in some good quality food toys and get your dog to work for his dinner. Kongs are great as they can be frozen when your dog gets the hang of them, but even something as simple as a cardboard box with their food in that they can then have fun destroying!

* Pick up a new hobby —Agility? Flyball? Scent work? Gundog work?        Cani-cross? There are lots of things out there, so what would you and your dog enjoy?

* Give the garden a makeover! - Be inventive about how you can make your garden more interesting to your dog. A plastic paddling pool can be filled with sand for a digging pit (to save your plants!) or filled with water for a cool off in the Summer! Even just a handful of treats scattered onto the lawn, then     encourage your dog to sniff them out!


These are just a few ways of keeping your dog busy and making them smile