Pooch Personalities!

by Colleen Booth // July 2018

Pooch Personalities!

At Dog School, we often get asked questions or told stories by owners about their pet dogs. Their quirky habits, funny antics and likes & dislikes! It has always fascinated me on the diversity of personalities I see each day. So I thought I would leave you with some fun ideas on how to check your Pooches Personal preferences.


All dogs can be trained, it is just figuring out what motivates them and working with it, at their own pace. Some dogs love attention or are very tactile, others love toy interaction, and then there are those who just adore food! Have a go at training something that they already know, like a “sit” using different rewards and see which gets them responding the fastest.


Like humans, dogs have preferences on a manner of things, including food. I’m a lover of parsnips but my little pooch can’t stand the smell of them! What we sometimes forget is that they also have preferences for other things such as sleeping arrangements - dogs like home comforts as much as the rest of us so it’s not surprising that you might find yourself having to share the sofa! Play The Choice game, offer your pooch two things at equal distance apart and see which one they gravitate towards more.


If your dog doesn’t like a particular game or training, don’t worry it doesn’t mean they don’t want to play or train with you, it may just suggest they would rather do something else that they would enjoy more instead! Try a few different activities, you will soon find that your pooch has a natural talent at one or another and it may not be the one you expected!

Find an activity/sport your pooch likes and seems enthusiastic about, you may find that after trying it, it interests you too. If your pooch appears to be a natural at picking up and bringing you things, the chances are they will enjoy doing gundog and retrieving work for fun. If they prefer working indoors, but still learning new things, perhaps try some trick training!

Have a chat with your local Dog School about upcoming Classes and Workshop tasters and give it a try for a bit of fun!

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