From Dog School Success to Best in Show!

by Jenny Mee // May 2017

From Dog School Success to Best in Show!

Dog School East Midlands were thrilled to receive these pictures of one of our graduates recently. Black Labrador Flynn attended rescue dog classes at Ticknall with new owner Jane Charlton, starting the course just a few days after she acquired him from Dogs Trust Kenilworth.

 On week one they both really struggled –Flynn was very excited to be in a group class situation, he reacted to the other dogs and was a real handful for owner Jane. However, over the five week course he really started to make progress, particularly around the other dogs. With a little help from Dog School and lots of hard work and perseverance from Jane he was soon walking nicely on his lead, ignoring the other dogs and showing excellent self control.

 A month or so after graduating he joined us for one of our fun, beginner’s gundog workshops in Scraptoft, and we were all amazed at the difference in him again. Senior Coach Jenny, who led the course, explained “He was such a good boy around the other dogs, so calm and focused on the job in hand. In fact he took to the gundog work so much that I used him as my lead demo dog!” Owner Jane also really enjoyed the workshop, and the pair have already signed up for the next one.

 But the icing on the cake for Jane and all of us here was his behaviour at a local dog show last weekend. Jane emailed us these lovely pictures saying how well he had behaved at the busy event, staying calm and collected around lots of other dogs.

He was able to try his paw at lots of activities, such as agility, and performed very well in the Longest Stay and Fastest Recall classes. He then went onto win the Best Condition class, and went on to win Best in Show!! 

 Jane was over the moon, telling us “So proud of Flynn! Even without the rosettes he was a champion in my eyes. Who'd have believed that totally over reactive dog could spend a civilised afternoon at a busy dog show! He's just amazing!  :) “

 We couldn’t agree more Jane – well done Flynn the wonder dog!