Case Study: Susie-Hope!

by Karen Brady // November 2017

Case Study: Susie-Hope!

As you can see, Susie-Hope is a Rottweiler, a big, friendly, silly, fun loving dog with a heartbreaking story, a loving owner, and a place in all our hearts here at the Dog School East Midlands!

 Susie and owner Tracey first started our puppy classes almost a year ago! Here Susie quickly learned to sit and lay down when asked although found lead walking and recall quite tricky! She made some puppy friends and learned to play nicely and say hello to people without jumping all over them! When the course came to an end Tracey was keen to carry on work with Susie so started having 1-2-1 training with us to teach Susie lots of things to keep her brain busy! You see it soon became clear that Susie-Hope had some trouble with her back legs at a young age which was very distressing for owner Tracey, so we did lots of training to tire out her brain as Susie had to have restricted walks while the vets investigated what was going on. She learned to be a detection dog tracking down the scent of catnip on mousey toys to slow down her walking and stop her breaking into a sprint, it also helped her owner keep her busy around the home when walks had to be short-and with a busy pup that makes for an excitable home life!

Once on pain relief for her legs, Susie and Tracey started their second block of classes with us! Just as a refresher as the content is the same, but Susie-Hope just loves coming to school! This time around her lead walking was much better by the end of the course, although she had started mouthing quite badly so we did lots of work on a calm settle, swapping and leave it to help with this. We have also done lots of work on reading body language to help Tracey understand how Susie is feeling and to help to build a strong bond with her, especially with Susie’s medical problems.

Now Susie has completed not 1, not 2, not 3, but 5 full courses with us here at the Dog School! And has booked straight onto her sixth! Tracey comes every week and just books onto the next course every time so she can keep coming, practising her training and giving Susie some quality training time. Our proudest moment was on her most recent course Susie did the most beautiful recall down temptation alley past lots of cuddly toys! Which has always been her downfall in recall, we were all so proud of her! Each course Susie gets better and better at the training and Tracey finds it helpful to pick up new tips and have a reminder of what to do!

Now we recently found out that poor Susie needs a double hip replacement and are all devastated, but she will continue to come to school each week until the operation to tire out her brain, teach her vital settle skills that she will need following the surgery, and to support her owner, Tracey. We will all miss her while she is away but know that she will be back once she is fit and well! Good luck for your op Susie!

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