by Karen Brady // August 2017

Ruby the Pup, Growing up!

At the Loughborough Rehoming Centre, in the Dog School East Midlands office, currently there is a whirlwind of energy in the form of tiny rescue pup Ruby!

Ruby is a 12 week old Jack Russel pup who has been taken on by our hydrotherapist Claire. Ruby needed a new home because her owners were allergic, so now she is living it up as a part time office pup!

We wanted to share her story with you so you can follow her progress, the laughter and the tears (she’s a playbiter!), and also share some puppy advice!

This week Ruby has had a lot of changes, coming into a new home, learning to settle down in a busy office and be brave around lots of noises! So we have all been helping to keep her busy, and also to teach her quiet time.

Puppies given the choice would probably run around 24/7, or until they get to that manic over tired stage, go loopy and eventually pass out! But did you know you can actually teach them to settle?! To lay down calmly and quietly while you’re busy!? Sounds like magic doesn’t it?

While it is important for puppies to play and have interaction, they should actually spend 16-20 hours of each day resting or sleeping!

This week we have been teaching Ruby that when people are too busy to talk to her then if she is calm and quiet a treat will fall from the sky onto her bed! She’s soon started choosing to go to bed when no one is paying her attention! We have gradually built up the time she has been doing this for in her bed by continuing to drop treats if she stays there calmly and quietly-it’s fun for us too as we have to drop the treats so she doesn’t notice they are coming from us, so we are turning into stealth experts!

It’s important to remember that at just 12 weeks old Ruby has a lot to learn about the world, but training can start at any age so by starting her on the right path early and setting expectations that she will have to have quiet time is a great way to help her grow into a well mannered adult dog.

Ruby will be attending her first class with Dog School this week so our next Ruby blog will focus on how she got on in the session, and how we are taming her play biting habit! Those puppy teeth are sharp!

Ruby hasn’t noticed I’ve been dropping treats while she’s calm and quiet!

But she’s definitely decided that being calm and quiet when people are busy is a rewarding choice!

For more information on our classes, or any questions at all, please get in touch!