Who’s that Lady (or Man) in Red?

by Anna-Louise Green // October 2017

Who’s that Lady (or Man) in Red...?

Some of you who have attended classes may have noticed some hard working individuals in red helping top up treats, taking registers, greeting puppies, cleaning up mess and generally helping us make sure our classes run as smoothly as possible. These are our amazing volunteers who are a big part of the Dog School team. I help manage the volunteers at Dog School East Midlands and I want to tell you a little bit more about them and the important role they play in our team. Plus, find out how you can become a Dog School volunteer!

Sandrina one of our volunteers helping with the lovely Jenny teaching her a sit and stay!!

What they do:

Our volunteers help with many of our dog school activities! Not only do they help with our classes they also come to our workshops, seminars, and events to help us  promote and educate about positive reward based training. When we recruit our volunteers we try to get an idea of what they want to gain from there volunteering experience and fit the jobs we give them to meet that.

In a general class they will:

  • Help set up and pack down before and after class
  • Fill up water bowls stuff Kongs and chop treats
  • Help owners with some of the training exercises in class
  • Chat with the owners about their dogs
  • Clean up any accidents that may occur (usually knocked over water bowls!)
  • Help with taking pictures and videos of dogs during class

With these  jobs taken care of, the Coaches can focus on teaching the classes, and together we make sure our clients get the best experience possible!

Volunteers helping with our agility workshop

What we look for in our volunteers

If you are considering becoming a Dog School volunteer here are some of the qualities we look for!

  • A passion for helping dogs and owners
  • Great people skills
  • An interest in dog training
  • Hardworking and confident
  • Time to give at least a 2 hours a week of your time
  • Be over 18
  • Have your own transport or access to transport

How can I apply to be a volunteer?

Puppy supervision is hard work!

If you’re interested in volunteering email us on EastMidlandsDogSchool@dogstrust.org.uk . We could always do with more help. Equally if you check the dogs trust website: www.dogstrustorg.uk where you can see what other exciting volunteer opportunities are out there within the Dogs Trust!

Caroline says that ‘one of the perks of the job getting to cuddle lovely Labradors!’

If you want to meet some of our incredible volunteers why not book on to our training classes and bring your dog along for some fun and positive training. Some of our clients even end up being volunteers!