The Newest Addition To Our Volunteer Team!

by Kirsty Lynas // January 2018

The Newest Addition To Our Volunteer Team!

Dog School are extremely fortunate to have some amazing volunteers and our Leicestershire team is certainly no different!

Naomi started volunteering with us during the middle of 2017 and has been such an incredible asset to our Stoney Stanton classes, so we were all very excited when she told us she was going to be welcoming a brand new addition to the family!

Dark brown eyes, full head of hair, and ears that were definitely larger than most babies, Toby arrived home at the end of October.

A perfect and gorgeous Bassett Hound puppy!

Naomi got cracking with his training straight the way and did an amazing job from day one, but she also wanted to ensure he got the ‘Dog School experience’ under his belt at an early age and we welcomed him to puppy classes at the end of November.

Being as dedicated as she is, Naomi continued her volunteering duties whilst her sister Maria brought along him along to class. But being the lovely coaches we are here at Dog School, we made sure Naomi had plenty of chance to practise with Toby too!

Toby was a star from day one, settling perfectly, greeting the other puppies politely and coming back when called. He wasn’t too keen on walking on a lead initially but over the weeks this improved massively and by Olympic week was tottering around on a lead like a pro.

We loved seeing his training updates in between his classes via his Instagram page, they often raised a giggle here in the office.

His favourite activity by far was anything that involved snuffling around for food; the ball pit, the snuffle mats and the pocket planter, Toby loved them all! Typical hound! He and Naomi graduated with pride and did so well that he is sometimes going to be our demo dog at induction to show the other puppy owners what the end product can be if you put in the hard work.

Well done Toby and Naomi, we love having you both as part of the Leicestershire team.

If you have a puppy or dog that you think would benefit from training or you just want to spend some time having fun together like Naomi and Toby did then please email or call 01162 836458.