Meet our Head Coach!

by Kirsty Lynas // June 2017

Meet Catherine...

Job Title: Head Coach

Job Description: Preparing and running training classes, overseeing 1-2-1 training sessions, organising events to promote Dog School, writing up training progress reports, overseeing and running training workshops and seminars, recruiting volunteers, overseeing the Senior Coach and Coach, managing budget and finances.

How long have you worked for Dog School? Since Feb 2017

Job Before Dog School: Self employed dog trainer and behaviourist

Favourite training topic to teach in class: Settle and self control

Best part of the job: Seeing the moment when a dog and owner finally grasp an aspect of training that they have been working hard on.

Animals at Home: Four dogs, two cats, four ducks, 13 chickens, three ponies, four sheep and a few fish for good measure!

Favourite Animal: Dog

Interesting Fact: I like training cats as much as dogs and have also helped train assistance dogs to alert their owners to medical emergencies.