A day in the life of a Dog School Coach!

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A day in the life of a Dog School Coach

Here at Dog School Leicestershire, work begins in the office at 8am. First duty of the day is to check the phones for any voicemail messages overnight and if so, take names and details ready to call back a little later.

The next and most important job of the morning (according to Murphy and Eddie, our office dog assistants), is to fill their Kongs with their breakfast and choose a nice comfy spot to place their beds ready for their day of supervising us humans!

 We also often have little Shandy the terrier come to visit us. Her owner works in another office but she has worked out that stopping by for some time with us usually means treats and toys!

Once the dogs are settled it is then time to get to work. If there were training classes the night before then the next hour or so is spent writing up the training progress reports for each dog that attended. We identify areas that they have made great progress with and note down any key areas that they might need some extra help and support with. This is a great way of making sure each and every dog gets the most out of their training and finishes the five-week course having learnt everything that they should have done.

Once this is completed it’s time to call any clients that have left us messages overnight. If they were calling to sign on to classes then we go through some questions to find out more about their dog and give them all the relevant information that they need to prepare for classes.

By this point, the office dog for the day is usually beginning to remind us of their presence, so it’s the perfect opportunity to practice some of our training skills! Teaching a ‘leave’ que is great for a short 10 minute training session and Eddie and Murphy are always eager students!

Then it’s back to computer work for a little while; checking emails, posting updates on social media etc, before heading out for some practical training.

Often the afternoon and evenings are a mixture of 1-2-1 training and classes. This week one of our 1-2-1 sessions was spent with the beautiful Mac. Mac is a lively and fun loving one year old Bedlington Terrier. His zest for life can sometimes get a little over the top so we spent the session working on his self-control. He loves to play with his toys so we used this to our advantage, ensuring that when we picked up one of his toys, he only got to play if he kept his feet on the floor rather than jumping up to grab it from our hands. By the end of the session not only was he not jumping to grab, he was demonstrating a beautiful sit whilst he waited for us to begin play time. Clever boy!

Once the 1-2-1 session is over it’s then time to spend some time in puppy heaven! Our classes are all about learning for life, so allowing the puppies to learn skills that will be useful to them throughout the whole of their lives such as settling by themselves, accepting more intense handling for situations like trips to the vet, appropriate socialisation with other dogs as well as basic training skills such as recall and loose lead walking. The classes are always really enjoyable for the puppies and owners (OK and us as well!) and it’s really rewarding to see the progress that they make over the course.

This week Lola the Shih Tzu cross and Honey the Cavapoo had a great time mastering loose lead walking around cones, practicing sits and downs at various stations and discovering the delights of a tunnel and a ball pit! Who wouldn’t want to come to puppy classes when they are just so much fun!

Once we have bid farewell to our students it’s then time for us to head home and get some rest in preparation to do it all again the following day!

Best job in the world?! We think so!