Marvelous Max makes 100 for Dog School Leicestershire!

by Kirsty Lynas // October 2017

When 13 week old Max signed up for our classes a few weeks back, little did he realise he was an extra special puppy for Dog School Leicestershire!  Max was the 100th dog to attend our classes and we couldn’t have asked for a more fabulous puppy to celebrate this achievement.


Max came bounding in to class on week one full of enthusiasm. He quickly learnt the art of settling whilst we explained what we were going to be doing and showed he was already a master at puppy dog eyes!

His owner Becky Galvin and the rest of the family worked really hard over the five week course and on Olympic week they showed off his loose lead walking and recall skills, taking first place in the loose lead walking race and coming second on temptation alley!


One of the most lovely things about teaching puppy classes is watching the pups all socialise and play together.  Max and his classmates Inka, Lola and Moose soon became best friends and enjoyed an end of class play session every week.

It has been a real joy to have Max in our classes, he has progressed so much and has really grown in confidence. Well done Max!


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