Treacle’s Journey

by Kirsty Lynas // October 2017

Treacle’s Journey

We like to get our pupsters off to a good start as soon as possible here at Dog School Leicestershire. And that is certainly the case with the gorgeous Treacle, who we will be following through her entire journey at Dog School.

Treacle’s mum and dad Alisha and Rob came to our Dog School induction before they even picked her up to ensure that they had all the essentials in place so that her transition in to their family went as smooth as possible.

The information at our induction sessions covers a whole host of topics that is beneficial to welcoming a new family member, such as understanding how they learn, what their body language means and how we should respond to it and also what to expect from our training classes.

It certainly set Alisha and Rob on the right track. Having been dog owners for many years they were a little unsure about having to attend a ‘human only’ session, but to their surprise they learnt a lot of new things during the hour and have commented on how invaluable it had been to them.

The week after induction they picked up their new bundle of fluff and started to implement what they had learnt from Dog School.

Three weeks later Treacle arrived for her very first session with Dog School and we were delighted to see how advanced her training was for such a young puppy. This first session was a 1-2-1 training session to get her used to the new environment and give Alisha and Rob a little more support before the multi dog puppy classes begin in another couple of weeks.

Treacle showed off her sit and down skills that she had already mastered as well some fantastic recall. We explained how we can build and progress these skills over the next few week, adding in lots of distractions and reducing the use of food lures. We also introduced some loose lead walking skills so that they can begin to practise this before class starts.

Treacle also met a new friend. Rufus is our ‘fake’ dog and Treacle was keen to go and say hello but was a bit confused as to why he wouldn’t play with her!

Overall the session went amazingly well and it is clear how hard Alisha and Rob have been working with her. We now can’t wait to see how she does in her puppy class! Will she love her new classmates? What else is she going to learn? Can she master the all important settle work? Pop back for future blogs to find out!

You can also follow Treacle’s progress on our Instagram (dogschool_leicestershire) and Twitter (DogSchool_Leic) accounts. If you have a puppy and would like to join our classes then please call 01162 836458.