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Welcome to Dog School Leicestershire!  Our experienced and dedicated team are here to help you build and develop a trusting, long-lasting bond with your dog by developing your understanding of how dogs communicate and learn.  Using fun and effective reward-based methods, we will show you how to teach your dog the skills needed to cope with the demands of everyday life.

We offer classes for puppy, adolescent, adult and rescue dogs as well as one-to-one training to help with common problems such as pulling on the lead, jumping up and recall.  We pride ourselves on being approachable and empathetic, and provide a relaxed and supportive learning environment for owners and dogs.


Our classes

Tuesday (50 mins)

12:15, 13:15 and 14:15

Palace Community Centre, Ibstock, LE67 6LH

Tuesday (50 mins)

17:30, 18:30 and 19:30

Stoney Stanton Village Hall, LE9 4LQ

Wednesday (50 mins)

11:00 and 12:00

The Oak Centre, Braunstone, LE3 1QA

Thursday (50 mins)

17:30, 18:30 and 19:30

Church Langton Community Hall, LE16 7SZ

Saturday (50 mins)

10:30, 11:30, 13:00 and 14:00

Blaby Scout Hut, LE8 4HN

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T: 01162 836458


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Trainers' profiles

Ciara completed her Master’s degree in Zoology at Bristol University, where her dissertation focused on dog-human relationships and canine play.  Since then, she has worked as a CC2 Trainer at Dogs Trust Loughborough, running an enrichment programme and leading volunteer training.  She’s excited about teaching creative ways to provide physical and mental stimulation, and improving owners’ relationships with their dogs.


At home, Ciara has a cheeky German Spitz called Mylo. When he isn’t demanding fuss you might find her sewing, or playing with her three chinchillas.

Anna graduated from The University of Lincoln with a degree in Animal Behavior and has just completed a Masters in Clinical Animal Behavior. She previously worked in the Dogs Trust rehoming helping look after their residents. More recently she has worked for Dogs School East Midlands helping teach the classes there for 2 years, working closely with her team to insure owners get the best out of their dogs. Anna enjoys getting involved in some of the different aspects of training and particularly enjoys seeing the bond between a dog and their owner develop throughout a course. She loves all dogs but particularly enjoys teaching cheeky terriers and the challenges they bring.

Vanessa moved to Dog School from Woodgreen Animal Charity, where she worked with rescue dogs and potential owners for 3 years, getting hands-on experience with all kinds of breeds, temperaments and training requirements. 


Originally, her love of dogs came from the two boys her family rescued in 2005 – a Collie and Lab x Staffie – who helped her realise, at a young age, that nothing made her happier than making her dogs happy!   Vanessa is particularly passionate about rescue dogs, but believes every dog can benefit from enrichment, to use their minds in positive and rewarding ways.   


She is fascinated by the way that dogs communicate with people and other dogs, and wants to help owners understand their dogs better and build positive, strong, life-long relationships.  


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Dog School Leicestershire #TrickTraining with Doug the #Pug brings us to #Day4 of #DIYenrichment here at Leicester Dog School 🐾🧠 here he is showing a #shakepaw and #playbow 🐕 there’s a huge range of tricks to teach our dogs and we should never stop providing opportunities to learn and keep those brain cogs turning 🤓


Dog School Leicestershire Today’s #DIYenrichment takes the theme of #sniffing with beautiful Sam and Bru!!👃🏼👃🏼 #factoftheday - a dog’s sense of smell is 5️⃣0️⃣ times more powerful than ours; that’s a seriously powerful nose!!🐾 Allowing sniff-time on walks is completely free, provides extra fun and keeps that canine brain ticking over as they take in HUGE amounts of information from a single sniff 🐶 Why not let your dog lead with his nose on your next walk and let us know how it goes?! 🐽🐽🐽

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