Settling in for the newest members of the Dog School London team!

by Leah Carey // February 2018

Settling in for the newest members of the Dog School London team!

As you may have noticed we have a new team here at Dog School London. We have all been very busy settling into our new roles and getting to know each other better, which has been very fun and exciting for everyone.

If you have attended any of our classes or presentations you will understand the importance of consistency, this is not just for our four-legged friends but also our two-legged team members too. That’s why every new person at Dog School goes off for ‘coach training’ no matter what their position within the team, so that we are all consistent with our teaching to you! Kirsty and Leah, our new senior coaches, are the newest members of the team and were sent off to attend at the beginning of this month. This is a great opportunity to meet other members of the Dogs Trust Dog School team, learn from our experienced team members, and of course practise and hone our own skills. Rachel who held the training was kind enough to bring along Sky, who provided everyone with lots of entertainment throughout the three days.

Our training was held at the Dogs Trust Evesham centre and we took the first available opportunity to go and explore the facilities (and current residents). Kirsty is very familiar with the Dogs Trust set up, having come from our Basildon centre. Leah, however, was far less familiar, so she took the opportunity to have a good look round and was thoroughly impressed with the flash new centre. 

We did -of course- do some hard work too, learning all about what we are going to be teaching in classes – I know both of us can’t wait to get started with classes. We did also get an opportunity to do some practical training too. Starting with a few short sessions on loose lead training in the hall with minimal distractions before taking it outside.

Loose lead walking is a hard thing to master, you have to juggle treats, leads, the dog, not bumping into lampposts - that’s why it’s so important to practise somewhere without obstacles or distractions while you master your technique. It will be much easier for your dog if they learn on one side, to begin with, once they have mastered it on one side you can then transfer the skill to the other side – but it does help if while they are learning we are consistent for them.

If you would like to start/practise/master/perfect your loose lead walking skills then why not get in touch and we can give you some tips.   


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