by Megana Nedungadi // January 2018


We all love seeing our dogs play- both with toys on their own, with each other, and engaging in games with us. It’s a great way for dogs to release some energy, have some fun, and at the same time, build on our relationship with them.

But what about when our dogs may not be motivated by toys?

There are plenty of games you can do with different objects, food, and yourselves!

Toys may include tug toys, which are great fun for us and the dog when played safely, and can also help direct our puppies to chew on something appropriate! Balls and other toys that we can teach our dogs to chase and retrieve are also great fun for some dogs.

Our dogs may also like to play with food toys, such as Kongs, where they can move them around and bounce them around to release food. You can also buy or make fun food puzzles where your dog moves items around or picks items up to find the food underneath, and can find toys with pockets or pouches where food can be hidden inside.

Search games can also be great fun, use our dogs’ great sense of smell, and are a great brain exercise for them. You can use toys or food that your dog likes to start with and start by asking your dog to stay or wait whilst you put your object quite clearly where they can see. Then say ‘find it’, releasing your dog to get the item, and rewarding them when they get there! Gradually make the game harder, so your dog is using their nose as well as their eyes to find the item you have hidden.

If you’d like to learn more about how to play with your dogs, how it can be beneficial and would like to build your bond with your dog further, why not join our training classes at Dog School!

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