A day in the life of a coach!

by Rhiannon Allsopp // November 2017

A day in the life of a coach!

Tuesdays are a real mix of office life and being hands on with dogs and owners at classes.

I start my day in London HQ, along with my fellow dog school team, catching up on emails, messages and enquiries from owners of dogs that are interested in joining dog school classes. We are also often involved in events that dogs trust run and represent dog school, so I may also be involved in organising these. Of course I need to say hello to our lovely office dogs if any are in too, before heading off in our lovely van, Doris, to Harefield where we run our classes on Tuesdays. 2 of us travel together and en route try and think of how we can best run the day of classes so everything runs smoothly and our dogs and owners get the most out of their classes.

At Harefield we may have a 5 minute loop round the kennels to say hello to our rehoming centre staff and the dogs, after which we start unloading all our class equipment into the training barn, where we run classes.

Our volunteers arrive about 20 minutes before our class starts and they help us set up the hall and chop food so everything is ready for when the first class arrives. I greet each owner and dog one at a time and take them to their bay, get them all settled and have a quick chat to see whether the dog has had a funny tummy or any training hiccups this week that we can help with in the class. Once everyone is settled I always love starting the class by asking what is the best thing their dog achieved this week, it’s so incredible to hear that each dog has at least one achievement of the week!

After three classes, it’s lunch time. We head up to the Tea Room at Harefield Dogs Trust, have a quick mooch through the shop there and then we eat our lunch. I try to make sure I get enough time to go back into the centre, have a quick catch up with the managers and say hello to the Canine Carers and see if anyone needs any help.

After that, it’s back down to the training barn for another awesome three classes until 8pm. Once all the dogs and owners have left, it’s mission clean up! Folding down barriers, packing away toys, washing up the chopping boards, sweeping the floors, collecting any bits and pieces that need to go away and then putting it all back in the van for our next classes which will be on Thursday in Camden.

We drive back to Head office, chatting non-stop about our favourite moments of the day, dogs that have come on leaps and bounds and what we can improve for next time, along with what we think each dog would benefit from in next weeks class.

You can find out more about classes or about booking a class by emailing us at LondonDogSchool@dogstrust.org.uk or calling 0207 833 5148.

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