Read about three dogs brilliant progress!

By Jessica Colson | calm, novel objects

You can see Norbert developing confidence when meeting novel items (we’re using bubble wrap to give him a new sensory experience) and trust in his new mum. We’ve also helped him to focus on his mum when there are other dogs around, as he finds this challenging especially if other dogs are moving quickly.


Megan has also learned to relax when other dogs are around and she in confident being handled and has been practising recall. The picture shows her negotiating a small staircase and you can see her mum is very careful to understand she needs time to face this challenge and is giving her a loose lead so isn’t putting any pressure on her and allowing her to work at her own pace so she grows in confidence and trust.


Otto has also learned to remain calm when other dogs are around. Here he is in class happily relaxing on his bed with his chew while his mum is busy attending to something else – this is such a useful skill they can use throughout his life so he can be opened up to new experiences as his mum is reassured he can settle and relax in new environments and without any attention from her.