Successful Socialisation for Puppies

by Megana Nedungadi & Rhiannon Allsopp // November 2017

Successful Socialisation for Puppies

We all want a happy and relaxed dog, so when we get a puppy, how can we set them up for success as adults?

The first few months in a puppy’s life play a key role in their behaviour later in life. There are plenty of things we can do when we bring our puppies home to help them become happy and confident dogs!

Introducing our puppy to different people, animals, sights and sounds in a gradual and positive manner will help our puppy to learn that these things are normal in life and not something to be worried by!

So, when we think about socialisation, what might we want to get our puppies used to?


Well, the list is endless! We need to make sure we’re not overwhelming our puppies so it is important we watch them for any signs that they are worried, and make sure everything is gradual (e.g. from a distance to start with) and that your puppy sees it as something positive (paired with praise, treats, play or anything your puppy enjoys!). If your puppy is worried, remove them from whatever situation is worrying them and try again from further away another time.  Keen to socialise your puppy and get train them early on? Join Dog School to help teach your puppy to be a calm, relaxed and happy pup! 

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