Loose Lead Walking!

by Hannah Alves // April 2018

Loose Lead Walking

When it comes to dogs, one of their favourite activities is to go out for a walk. All the sights and smells can be very exciting and sometimes they can get carried away and begin to pull on the lead, dragging you off in all directions! Dogs pull because they want to be somewhere exciting such as the dog park.

If this happens it can be really uncomfortable, and may potentially cause some sticky situations such as being pulled over, or your dog may even end up damaging their neck.

Loose lead walking can seem like a mammoth task but with time and lots of patience, you can have your dog walking by your side and be able to take them anywhere!

To begin training your dog to walk on a loose lead they have to learn that pulling doesn’t get them anywhere. To do this simply stop walking when they start to pull and as you notice the lead becoming loose start to walk again and reward them as you begin to walk. During this first stage it is important to not ask too much of your dog so even going a couple of steps on a loose lead should be rewarded.

This may take time and lots of hard work but if you are consistent and committed, your four-legged friend will learn that being by your side is the best place to be and you can enjoy the great outdoors together!

Here at Dog School we can help with loose lead walking at our training classes and give you useful tips and tricks to help with training


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