Easter Family Dog Training Classes at Dog School Manchester

by Holly Lockwood // April 2017

Over the Easter Holidays we held two extremely successful Free Family Training Days, these were available for families with children aged between 7-11 to come along with their dog and have a introduction session to ‘Clicker training’ alongside learning how to teach your dogs some cool tricks!


These sessions were an hour and a half long and were taught by us, Dog School Coaches, alongside our Education Officer at Manchester, Anna.


Each child got given a clicker at the start of the session and we taught them how a clicker works, the significance of a clicker, how their dogs respond to them and the importance of rewarding their dogs good behaviour. The kids picked this up so, so quickly and their dogs were fully engaged in them just waiting for that click to go so they could get a yummy reward!


Our first exercise with the kids was to teach their dogs a sit, now most dogs could do a sit quite easily but it was a great exercise for the kids to practice their clicker training and work on the timing of that click and the reward. Once they all understood how the clicker worked we moved on pretty fast and progressed onto teaching some basic commands and progressing the known behaviours that were already in place.

Then it got to the fun part, teaching their dogs some fun tricks! The kids all taught their dogs to spin, twist, go round an object and weave through their legs! (Slightly tricky for one of our younger girls attending with her very large cross breed J)


Throughout the whole session Anna was talking to the kids about staying safe around dogs and how to be ‘Dog Smart’ whilst out and about!


After taking a quick break from all the hard work came our Grand Finale!!!! This was a fantastic little obstacle course combining everything they had learnt over the last hour and a half. The kids all got so into it and we even had a few kids telling their parents off for not doing a task right J They all left with smiles on their faces, sleepy dogs (and kids!) along with their certificates to put up on their fridge!


We, as coaches, all thoroughly enjoyed these two sessions and can’t wait until summer till we can do more!

Keep your eyes peeled to our social media as during the summer holidays we will be holding four FREE Family Dog Training Classes. Booking is essential as we get booked up pretty fast!