Your Puppies First Vet Visit!

by Emma Gould-Martin // January 2018

Your Puppy's First Vet Visit!

It’s no secret that most dogs of any age dislike going to the vets, but, however much they give you those puppy dog eyes it’s an extremely important thing to do, we need to make sure that our puppies have a long happy relationship with our vets.

When you get your new puppy, he or she may have never been to the vets before. This is why making their first visit a positive one, one that they will remember as good experience is essential, remember to be prepared on your first visit to the vets with some nice treats, a blanket that smells of home, their favourite toy perhaps!

You will have to carry them into the vets, as they probably haven’t had any vaccinations yet, and being on the floor can also be very scary when you sooo tiny!

For their first visit allow them to get used to the new smells, sounds and the environment, we need to make sure that the first visit isn’t anything nasty, so this is just a happy social visit to have a little check up, preferably with the vet not giving them anything such as jabs or prodding and poking. Just let them be introduced to the team with lots of cuddles and fusses.

Remember if your puppy is very worried, we don’t want to overwhelm them with lots of kisses and cuddles so take it at your own puppy's pace.

Once they are happy in the environment the vet will then be able to start getting them used to being handled and using the stethoscope to check their heart, making sure they are praised and fussed. They can also get them used to the scales to weigh them but that should be it.

Make sure you leave having a happy and fun experience, and I’m sure that they will be happy to go and see their vet friend again!


Here at our Dog School classes, we can help your puppy get used to being handled and introduce them to things like the stethoscope, grooming equipment and scales in a positive way so that they will be prepared for their adult life.

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