From Puppy to Graduate!

by Holly Lockwood // July 2017

From Puppy to Graduate!

In March 2017 a litter of 6 gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terriers cross German Shepard’s came into Dogs Trust Manchester, they were a unplanned litter and the owners we’re struggling to cope with them (they weren’t the smallest puppies you’ve ever seen!). The staff at the center worked hard to settle these guys in here and provide them with all they needed as puppies.

Of course these gorgeous pups didn’t hang around long and they were all quickly snapped up and went off to their forever homes! We were lucky enough to get two of these sweet puppies into one of our classes together!

Titus and Tammy are brother and sister, the excitement when they came through the door and saw each other after around 6 weeks apart was adorable!

Tammy is a little nutcracker, full of fire and life! She is definitely a dog that loves life to the full and wants to say hello to everyone and everything! Little Titus is most chilled dog going! Tammy and Titus were like chalk and cheese in classes.

Tammy just keeping a eye on her brother to make sure he’s doing his exercises

Week 1 of classes was fab, it was great to see the bond that these dogs have achieved with their owners in the first few weeks at home. As puppies, the ‘settle’ exercise was a little bit of a struggle initially however by week they progressed on this and by week 5 we were seeing some lovely ‘settle’ behaviors.

As all owners, each week they faced different difficulties with their dogs. This is totally normal, especially with puppies! Tammy would sometimes struggle with her settle and resort to trying to get her owners attention during class, we encouraged her to settle with the use of kongs, snuffle mats and of course encouraged the owners to reward Tammy for nice relaxing behavior.

Tammy perfecting her sit

Tammy and Titus both perfected behaviours such as their sits, downs, wait, leave, recall and loose lead. We kept all their training super fun and positive so that the dogs (and owners!) were always having fun and wanted to keep engaged with their owners.

Over the five weeks we worked on lots of different exercises, each week increasing distractions for these pups so that they could generalize the behavior and work in all different areas.

Week 5 came along – Olympics!! We like to tie in all the learnt behaviors from the last 5 weeks into a little course, this, again, generalizes behaviors that have been learnt by tying them all together and doing these exercises with the distraction of the rest of the class.

Tammy and Titus both did soooooo well and we could see that week on week the owners have been putting the work in with their dogs and rewarding the right behaviours. This means that they both graduated Dog School with flying colours and both had fun!

Titus showing us how her settle is progressing!

We know we’ll see both of these dogs again in the future on Workshops throughout the summer and we cant wait – both such a pleasure to have in classes!

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