Getting Your Dogs Focus – Part 1

by Holly Lockwood // June 2017

Getting Your Dogs Focus – Part 1

Part 2

Getting focus and attention from your dog is the first step to training. Without working on their attention to you first your dog will likely be distracted and more interested in other things which from the word go is setting your dog up to fail their training.

The majority of dogs are quite foodie and for training purposes this works in your favour. Even if your dog is a adult dog and already knows their name I would still go back to Step 1, response to name.

Step 1 - Response to their name

We all get used to saying our dogs name 1,000,000 times a day, however it can sometimes mean nothing. So we want to strip that right back to basics and teach them that their name means looking at you and giving you attention.

All we want to do is have 10 small, easily digestible, treats in our hand and get your dog in front of you. All you need to do is say your dogs name and then give them a treat super fast. (We don’t need our dogs to sit or do anything for this treat) What we are doing is teaching our dog that their name means paying attention to us and getting a treat. For a week or so I would do this twice a day at least.

Avoid using their name unnecessarily over the next couple of weeks until we know that they fully understand that their name, means look at me. 

Keep a eye out on our blog over the next couple of weeks as we will be posting Step 2, introducing a marker word and commands!