Warm Weather Winners!

by Sophie Taylor // May 2018

The summer is fast approaching so making sure our four-legged friends stay cool is super important. We want to have fun with our dogs in the sun but make sure that they also stay safe.

Exercise is still important for dogs when it’s hot out, but we need to remember to walk our dogs early morning or late evening when it is much cooler out and there is more shade available. A handy tip to remember is if the ground is too hot for you to hold the back of your hand on then it’s too hot for a walk with your dogs.

There are a number of fab tricks and games that we can play with our dogs in the summer to ensure they stay cool.

We can mentally exercise our dogs on warm days by using things such puzzle feeders and brain games. Frozen Kongs or other toys that can be stuffed can be fantastic for our dogs in the heat. They provide a form of enrichment to entertain our dogs, whilst also being nice and cool similar to an ice pop for us on a hot day.

Another really good idea is to freeze dog treats in ice cubes. They can have them after a walk to help them cool down or just as a nice treat when you come inside.

We can use frozen fruit or ice cubes as treats in some of the games to keep them cool whilst they work out how to complete the game. Watch out for our upcoming brain games from home blog!

If you would like to relax in your garden with your dogs on a hot day then we can help them out by providing cool places for them to relax. This could be as simple as providing a wet towel for them in a shaded area of the garden and leaving the door open so they can go indoors if needed. Your dog should always have access to fresh drinking water.

Paddling pools aren’t just for kids. They’re a fantastic way of encouraging dogs to cool off. Especially if you have a dog that loves to sunbathe but doesn’t move when they get too hot. We can fill the paddling pool to a level your dog would be comfortable with and throw in some of their favourite toys for them to play with. 

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